Forgiveness is a radical act of self-love

Have you ever felt betrayed, hurt, or wronged?

Perhaps there have been times you've felt stuck in bitterness, discouragement, or cynicism.  Maybe you've asked, "How can I forgive when I hurt as badly as I do?" or you've had moments when you thought you have forgiven, only to have anger return.

Hi, I am Lauri and I understand exactly where you are. I have been lied to, cheated on, betrayed and wrongfully accused. Each time a situation presented itself, I felt guilty about being angry. I felt because of my spiritual practice, that I should have farther down the road toward putting my feelings behind me. I used to think "Something must be really wrong with me that I am unable to forgive." I found myself rationalizing other people's behavior and feeling bad about feeling my emotions.

Have you been haunted by problems from your past?

Have you ever lectured yourself because you are not farther down the road toward forgiveness?

Have you struggled to determine whether or not your pain was legitimate?

  • Imagine what life would be like if you had healthy boundaries
  • See yourself finding a balance between forgiveness and healthy anger
  • Picture yourself developing an authentic sense of peace
  • Imagine yourself choosing and deciding to forgive


Choosing to Forgive

A 5-week Retreat of Forgiveness
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Description

    • What to expect from this course

    • Journal Writing

    • Work With Lauri

  • 2


    • Coping versus healing

    • How to use this course

    • Working with resistance

  • 3

    Week One

    • Getting Clear

    • The victim or the dish rag

    • Fact vs. Perspective Exercise

    • What is forgiveness?

    • Exercise - What is Forgiveness

    • Finding your peaceful place

  • 4

    Week Two

    • Week One Recap and Discussion

    • Breaking down our suffering

    • Understanding Anger

    • Anger is necessary

    • The Importance of having a choice

    • Surrendering Justice To God

    • Emptying Your Heart Meditation

  • 5

    Week Three

    • Week Two Recap and Discussion

    • How I learned to cope exercise

    • How I learned to cope worksheet

    • Telling the truth

    • Defenses against the Truth


A powerful approach to healing your heart and finding the power to love, grow, and forgive.

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I Got My Life Back

Getting Sober


Lauri has helped me when I was at my lowest when I first got sober off of substances, i didn't want to be on Earth, I didn't feel understood and connected. (This was all by phone, I saw her once when she was in my location.) She saw me for who I was, that alone helped so much, she felt and looked at my spirit/soul and connected to me, told me some if what I was capable of in this life, and was 100% honest, and very direct. I told her everything that was going through, from not wanting to be alive anymore, to my sexual trauma. She helped me feel understood and gave me tremendous support whenever I reached out to her. She even bought me many books when we met up! Her heart radiates and she is very strong. Lauri always told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. She is very authentic and supportive and I was never scared to talk to her. She connected with my mother to help her understand what I was going through, I was, I am, and I continue to go through spiritual transformation. She shined light on that to my mom and gave my mom support as well!

A Place of Trust

A loving approach to healing


Hi, my name is Keith and I am a professional guitarist. I met Lauri nearly 8 years ago. At our first meeting I was struck by her sincere and loving approach to healing. I was struggling with physical and emotional pain, mainly brought on by fear. I didn't know Lauri but somehow felt compelled to call her. Her soft, gentle yet direct style of healing has helped me immensely. She has the gift of knowing how to get to the core of what is really going on...yes, a true spiritual healer. I highly recommend Lauri as a person you can trust


A powerful approach to healing your heart and finding the power to love, grow, and forgive.

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