Have you ever felt betrayed, hurt, or wronged?

Perhaps there have been times you've felt stuck in bitterness, discouragement, or cynicism. 

Maybe you've asked, "How can I forgive when I hurt as badly as I do?" or you've had moments when you thought you have forgiven, only to have anger return.

Have you been haunted by problems from your past?

Have you ever lectured yourself because you are not further down the road toward forgiveness?

Have you struggled to determine whether or not your pain was legitimate?

Hi, I'm Lauri.

I understand exactly where you are.

I have been lied to, cheated on, betrayed, and wrongfully accused.

Each time a situation presented itself, I felt guilty about being angry. I felt because of my spiritual practice, that I should have been further down the road toward putting my feelings behind me. I used to think "Something must be really wrong with me that I am unable to forgive." I found myself rationalizing other people's behavior and feeling bad about feeling my emotions.

I had to learn forgiveness.

During this course you will:

  • Explore what forgiveness ACTUALLY is.

  • Find out the 5 faces of anger and be able to differentiate between anger and other emotions.

  • Challenge your perspective vs reality so that you have better control over your reactions.

  • Understand coping vs healing so that you can move on and stop replaying the same scenarios.

  • Recognize your own behavioral patterns and find new ways to deal with pain.

  • Begin to practice acceptance so that you can focus on you and your path.

  • Start to view difficult times and people in a new way that benefits you.

Getting Sober


I Got My Life Back

Lauri has helped me when I was at my lowest when I first got sober off of substances, i didn't want to be on Earth, I didn't feel understood and connected. (This was all by phone, I saw her once when she was in my location.) She saw me for who I was, that alone helped so much, she felt and looked at my spirit/soul and connected to me, told me some if what I was capable of in this life, and was 100% honest, and very direct. I told her everything that was going through, from not wanting to be alive anymore, to my sexual trauma. She helped me feel understood and gave me tremendous support whenever I reached out to her. She even bought me many books when we met up! Her heart radiates and she is very strong. Lauri always told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. She is very authentic and supportive and I was never scared to talk to her. She connected with my mother to help her understand what I was going through, I was, I am, and I continue to go through spiritual transformation. She shined light on that to my mom and gave my mom support as well!

A Loving Approach To Healing


A Place of Trust

Hi, my name is Keith and I am a professional guitarist. I met Lauri nearly 8 years ago. At our first meeting I was struck by her sincere and loving approach to healing. I was struggling with physical and emotional pain, mainly brought on by fear. I didn't know Lauri but somehow felt compelled to call her. Her soft, gentle yet direct style of healing has helped me immensely. She has the gift of knowing how to get to the core of what is really going on...yes, a true spiritual healer. I highly recommend Lauri as a person you can trust.

If you're ready to learn...

  • How to forgive yourself

  • How to forgive others

  • How to forgive and let go

Choosing To Forgive: A Retreat of Forgiveness

A powerful approach to healing your heart and finding the power to love, grow, and forgive.

A Little About Me...

Laurette DeJulian has been a natural intuitive since she was young, and offers these gifts to clients and groups seeking to make real and positive change. Her passion includes helping people open up to their Divine essence, and the powers and perspectives unique to them. Her practice is based in the United States, however she also maintains a large international practice. On a daily basis, Laurette works with clients and groups, serving as an intuitive coach.Clients are commonly referred by professionals, including psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists. She continues to facilitate and help people discover their essential selves so that they can make healthy and positive changes in their lives.Laurette has been trained in several different healing modalities, including shamanism, intuitive healing, energy healing, hypnotherapy and NLP therapy. Laurette has presented seminars and workshops on Self-esteem, Forgiveness, Fear, Life Purpose and Intuition. Her training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing. She seeks to unify the world’s most vital spiritual messages, encouraging understanding and community among all peoples.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Emotional Freedom

A powerful approach to healing your heart and finding the power to love, grow, and forgive.


  • Is this course for me?

    The following statements may resonate with you: I have a great desire to experience more peace and joy in my life. I am willing to look at my limited thinking and let myself be led to the awareness of my True Self. I know that when I awaken to that Truth, I will understand the meaning of my suffering and be able to transform it immediately to serve me.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    Many people take about six to eight weeks to complete all five sections. Since you set your own pace, you can take as long as you want. There is no requirement to complete the courses within a set time.

  • How will I benefit from this course?

    You will get to know and trust the real you instead of falling into the trap of your emotional patterns.You will strengthen your awareness of Inner Wisdom by helping you recognize and let go of limiting mental habits. You will become comfortable inviting Inner Guidance into your relationships.

  • Can anyone take this class?

    Yes, the material and processes presented in this course are designed to help each person awaken to the truth about themselves and become aware of their Source of Love within. Forgiveness is essential to that awakening. This course is taken by people new to a spiritual focus as well as people who have spent years with meditation, spiritual practice, metaphysical study or A Course in Miracles philosophy. The lessons are experiential and the focus is on allowing Inner Guidance to lead the way. Anyone who is interested in forgiveness will benefit no matter where they are at in their atonemnet process.

  • What if I get stuck or have difficulty in a particular section?

    Laurette is available by email for any general inquiries about the technical or administrative aspects of the course. She is also available to facilitate in private sessions.